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George Michalski - The Only Pianist Ever To Play The Anthem on Piano at Candlestick Park!

George with Bruce Willis

George with Carlos Santana (Photo by Jay Blakesberg)

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George with Carmine Appice Loaning His Hair ;-)
(Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Cactus, and wrote "Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?" and "Young Turks" for Rod Stewart)

George with Alice Cooper

George with Arnold Schwarzenegger

George with Tiny Tim (singer (Tip Toe Through the Tulips), ukulele player, and musical archivist)

George with John Lee Hooker (in George's house)

George with Johnny Mathis

George with Gregg Allman

George with Don Johnson and George Lucas

George with Don Johnson and Joey Ramone

George with Don Johnson

George with Don Johnson and Melanie Griffin

George with Don Johnson in their backyard (Pre-Miami Vice)

George getting read to fly "Don Johnson Air"

George with Francis Ford Coppola and Kristina Kopriva (violinist)

A fine Saturday night! George laughs it up with Robin William, Don Johnson, and Cheech Marin.

George with Dyan Diamond (singer) and Danny Devito

George with Bishop Desmond Tutu

George with Hunter S. Thompson

George with Michael Keaton

George on the Marquee, opening for Big Brother

George on the Marquee, Cinegrill, Hollywood

George with Dr. John Poster

George @ The SF Fillmore

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Whiskey Presents Foxtrot (click for bigger)

George Last Day Saloon Poster as Taj Mahal's Special Guest

George's band, Foxtrot - 1st white band signed by Motown!

Michalski & Oosterveen - Listen to "Burn" (Columbia Records Press Shot)

George in Hollywood (Early 70's) with Wayne/Jane County (with hat)

George @ Tower Records with CD Release Display

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George - Photo By Grant Jacobs (click for bigger)
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George in 1970 (click for bigger)

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George with Way Back with Skippy (click for bigger)

George at his very first recital (front & center, age 4, 1957)

George his Mom - what a sweet boy :-)

George's Best Friend, Mozart

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George by Stanley Mouse (click for bigger)

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George with Stanley (Grateful Dead Poster Artist)


George with Bob Weir (founding member of the Grateful Dead)

George with Phil Lesh (founding member of the Grateful Dead)


George with Phil Lesh and the HepKats (click here to listen to the show for free)

George Jamming with Jorma Kaukonen (founding member of Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna)

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George with Tom Constanten (Grateful Dead and keyboardist extraordinaire) - Night Of The Living Piano

George with Merl Saunders (Jim Marshall Photo)

George with Chet Helms (music promoter - father of San Francisco's 1967 "Summer of Love")

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George with Trixie Garcia (Jerry Garcia's daughter)

George with Sam Andrew, founder and guitarist of Big Brother and the Holding Company

Sam passed on on 2/13/15. When Janis left the band, she took only Sam with her! When Sam sent this particular photo to George, he texted: "OK, can you think of a dorkier pose than this? I'm just trying to give a shout out to George Michalski, the Elton John of San Francisco. Hi George!"

George with Dickie Peterson
(bassist and lead singer for Blue Cheer) in Amsterdam

George with S. Clay Wilson & Paul Mavridres (comic book artists)

George with Philippe Mallen And 49'ers Coach Bill Walsh

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George with Susan Tyrrell (actress)

George with Jodi Lyn O'Keefe (actress)

George with Eddie Fisher!

George with David Brinkley (newscaster)

George with Melvin Belli (Lawyer & "The King of Torts")

George with Mort Sahl (famous comic)

George with his buds; Richmond Blues Band 45th Reunion (G's dog Mozart is down with the groove)

George with Kelly Hu (actress)


George with James McCartney (yes that McCartney) at Sundance

George with Dakota Johnson, star of the blockbuster movie "Fifty Shades Of Grey"

George with Kathi McDonald and Zani Dani Backstage Whiskey-A-Go-Go ('73 or '74)

George with Anton LaVey (musician, author, and occultist)

George with Karla LaVey (High Priestess)

George with Carol Doda (famous stripper)