• Plan

    The essay plan

    The essay plan is a practical tool to make it easier to write. And in some, very rare cases, the plan is absolutely necessary to get a positive evaluation of the academic work. Therefore, it is very important to learn how to write a composition plan quickly and effortlessly.

    Plan is necessary not only to increase the estimate obtained for the composition, but also to ensure that, starting to write it out, you did not have a clean slate – and in the literal and the symbolic meaning of the image. Preliminary writing of the plan allows you to organize thoughts, to set up a coherent and reasonable presentation of them, bring up a sense of logic and discipline the mind. The advantage of the plan is also the fact that you can make it virtually under any circumstances: a walk in the park, standing in line at the store, cooking dinner. Then, when each thought takes its place in the plan, you will only have to transfer it to paper. By the way, many classics of literature created their works in this way. Therefore, there is certainly reason to borrow from them this handy tool and make a plan for the works, about whatever it was and whoever was addressed.

    Performing the examination and regular school work on the essay plan, it is necessary not only to compose correctly, but also to plan the plan qualitatively. The plan should be written down, and it is located before the beginning of the composition, anticipating it. The plan submitted after the text of the work is considered a mistake and looks as if the student forgot about his compilation and wrote at the last moment, “after.” Therefore, before you begin to work, mentally consider the sequence of your actions, and then proceed to compose a plan for the composition on the following recommendations.